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N&S Associate’s online info website name is www.landscapingworks.in

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N&S ASSOCIATES is a Landscape works execution Contractor and Plants Supply firm established in 2004 by Nandigam Srinivas Rao, a professional extensive domain expert in Landscape EXECUTION WORKS and PLANTS SUPPLY. 

He started his independent practice after gaining valuable professional, experience for 5 years in two of the leading landscape works execution firms in India. The practice has extensive experience of having worked on various projects like urban landscape projects, large industrial complexes, institutional campuses, hotels & resorts, large housing projects, farmhouses & residences.

Nandigam Srinivas Rao is a practicing Landscape works execution Contractor, Architect consultant and Plants supplier based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is the Proprietor of M/s. N&S ASSOCIATES, a Landscape works execution and plants supply firm established in 2004.

Nandigam Srinivas Rao’s Portfolio of landscape projects includes Resorts & Hotels, Urban Landscape Projects, Industrial Complexes, Institutional Campuses, Large Scale Housing Projects, Farmhouses & Residences, Commercial & Corporate projects.


  • N&S Associates offer the best possible Professional Landscaping execution works with best Architectural Design Consulting and Plants supply Services at best prices. 
  • The firm engages as WORKS CONTRACTOR and DESIGN CONSULTANT in developing the initial landscape concept design to Design development, Working drawings, and execution of landscape works with supplying of Plants 

N&S Associates Strengths

  • N&S Associates is very strong in providing of Landscape WORKS EXECUTION, MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS and Supply of all type of PLANTS at Industry best prices.
  • 15 Years of RICH & REAL TIME GROUND LEVEL to TOP LEVEL professional experience in all types of LANDSCAPING PROJECTS.
  • Presently N&S Associate’s Landscaping works execution contract services are available in all over following States only. a)Telangana,  b) Andhra Pradesh  c) Karnataka  d) Tamilnadu
  • N&S Associate’s provides all types of PLANTS SUPPLYING services to all over India, any State, any city or any rural villages.


Please contact us for more details, Mobile:-+91-91106 21578


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